my name is ali sperling, and i started this blog…

“i’m not so sure about this.”

…yesterday, november 25th, 2012. i guess i felt that i needed more (yes more) space, or perhaps just a more public space, to give to my thoughts, experiences, ideas, reviews, research, travels, and other-worldly material that may or may not be worthy of $18.00/ year for this internet domain. if people follow me, or at the very least it gets me writing regularly about things other than my dissertation, it seems a worthwhile endeavor to me. you can decide if following me is worthwhile for you.

i’m a phd student of literature and cultural theory at the university of wisconsin – milwaukee, and a lover of art, music, food, getting drunk, speculating, wondering, wishing, loving and hating (why can’t i rest more comfortably in-between?), critiquing, thinking. my own dissertation research and work theorizes “weirdness” as an intersecting space of the grotesque and the queer in modernist american fiction and photography. to help me with this work i utilize various theoretical methodologies like critical and queer theory, as well as other theories of sexuality and the body in culture.

i’m hoping that this blog will appeal to all sorts of people who, like me, have all sorts of intersecting and overlapping interests. i believe whole-heartedly in resisting categorization in as many facets of living as possible, and hopefully this blog will adhere to that philosophy.

i have a few (oh-my-god-so-many) obsessions, as you might choose to learn…

space is one of them: i hope you’ll explore mine with me.

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